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localVarType Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct adaptWinRanksTypeadaptWins
unsigned short int aggDeal
__int64 allocmem
struct moveType bestMove [50]
struct moveType bestMoveTT [50]
struct moveType cd
int clearTTflag
unsigned short int diffDeal
int estTricks [4]
struct moveType forbiddenMoves [14]
FILE * fp11
FILE * fp2
FILE * fp7
struct gameInfo game
int handToPlay
int hilenSetSize
int hinodeSetSize
int hiwinSetSize
int iniDepth
struct pos iniPosition
unsigned short int iniRemovedRanks [4]
struct moveType initialMoves [4]
int lcount
int lenSetSize
int lenSetSizeLimit
int lmem
struct pos lookAheadPos
unsigned short int lowestWin [50][4]
int maxIndex
int MaxlenSetSize
__int64 maxmem
int MaxnodeSetSize
int MaxwinSetSize
struct movePlyType movePly [50]
int ncount
int newDeal
int newTrump
int nmem
int no [50]
struct nodeCardsTypenodeCards
int nodes
int nodeSetSize
int nodeSetSizeLimit
int nodeTypeStore [4]
int payOff
struct posSearchType ** pl
struct nodeCardsType ** pn
struct posSearchTypeposSearch
struct winCardType ** pw
struct relRanksTyperel
struct posSearchTyperootnp [14][4]
int similarDeal
__int64 suitLengths
__int64 summem
struct winCardType temp_win [5]
int trickNodes
int tricksTarget
int trump
int val
int wcount
struct winCardTypewinCards
int windex
int winSetSize
int winSetSizeLimit
int wmem

Detailed Description

Definition at line 267 of file dll.h.

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